The beginning of our journey

The Rice King originated in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded by six Taiwanese and Malaysian partners engaged in the catering industry. In a chance encounter, the Malaysian partner met. Talk about the middle of the day and the Malaysian food market, the concept of each other at once. After more than a year of preparation, the first store was opened in Kuching, the capital of Dongma, in early 2020.

The rice king combines the concepts of Taiwan’s “convenience store” and “business package” with one optimization. In addition to sauces, seasonings are imported from Taiwan and chefed by one of the partners, a Taiwanese chef. Each ingredient personally peach selection, made great efforts to make meals standardized, process, and strive to be consistent with Taiwan’s original taste. In-store decoration design also invited to Taiwan and Malaysia designers to work together, all efforts, in order to the most classic Taiwanese cuisine original best presented to the vast number of customers in Malaysia.

It’s one of the most relaxing things to eat a delicious package every day at noon and after work. I hope you can have a pleasant experience in the King of Rice. This is our greatest achievement as a caterer.


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